Return to Eden

Houseboat on Lake Kariba

Return to Eden, Houseboat on Lake Kariba

Welcome to a charter of a lifetime. Return to Eden houseboat offers the beauty of the African wild, combined with all the comforts of home using a Houseboat Lake Kariba

Return to Eden, Houseboat Lake Kariba

This 6 double en-suite cabin houseboat, boasts a crew who will endeavour to pamper their guests.
Arriving at Stand 716, Charara, the Captain will welcome you and the crew will show you on board the Return to Eden houseboat and to your cabins.
While Captain Satiel starts engines and prepares for departure, the chef could be preparing lunch.

Whilst settling in, our deckhand might be filling the splash pool so you can relax with a drink, cool off and simply drift away in anticipation of an extraordinary Lake Kariba adventure.

Captain Satiel will show you the finest game viewing and his secret fishing spots.

In the evening, unwind on the upper deck, with a cocktail, and snacks prepared, possibly from your catch of the day, whilst watching mesmerising sunsets and game coming down to the water.
After dinner, you will hear the countless African night sounds, before turning in for the night.

Wake up to the sounds of the abundant bird life and the smell of breakfast cooking and begin just another day in Paradise.

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  1. avalon 7th January 2016 — Post author

    Hi Laurel,

    Compliments of the new year to you. We hope you had as good a one as we did.

    I just wanted to report back that we had a fabulous time on Return to Eden – we couldn’t have asked for more. The boat was so spacious, everyone managed to find their own spot – be it playing games in the dining area, sitting in the pool to cool off (yes it was very hot), snoozing in their air con cabins whilst the boat was motoring, fishing, or even early morning yoga on the back deck!! The food was fantastic, well prepared and plentiful and we cannot say enough about your three staff, “Captain”, DC and Tawanda. They were so helpful, efficient and we didn’t have to ask them for a single thing that they hadn’t thought of already. If I could find where to recommend you on TripAdvisor, I would do so. Suffice to say, we would all have done it all over again, exactly the same.

    Once again, many thanks indeed – it was fantastic!

    Kind Regards,

    Dawn Torre
    Director – Finance

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